Ultum Nature Controsoil Freshwater Planted Aquarium Substrate – Fine Brown (1 Liter)

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  • Formulated for freshwater planted aquariums, tropical fish, and freshwater dwarf shrimp.
  • Helps clarify and detoxify water
  • Natural “Brown” color
  • Naturally acidifies and softens aquarium water
  • Extra Fine granule size (~3mm)
Ultum Nature Systems has partnered with Marfied to bring you Ultum Nature Controsoil. UNS Controsoil is an andisol based substrate created from the volcanic ash of Mount Aso in Japan. Choosing the right substrate is a vital component for a successful planted aquarium. It allows plants to flourish while buffering the water to optimum levels for certain freshwater livestock. Proper aquarium substrate is paramount to successfully growing healthy aquatic plants. Controsoil absorbs impurities in your water column to provide a healthy environment for livestock. The texture and porosity provide the perfect medium for plant roots to latch onto. This soil is specifically designed for planted aquariums and shrimp keeping without excessive ammonia, which can lead to algae during initial use. Ultum Nature Controsoil does not require any rinsing and won’t cloud your water when properly used. For the best results, place your Controsoil into your aquarium prior to adding water. Add water slowly without stirring up the soil For planted tanks, we recommend using UNS Controsoil with UNS Plant Food fertilizers. Directions: Place the substrate in to an empty aquarium. When filling the aquarium with water, place a dish or other item to disburse the water flow and minimize disruption to the substrate layer. How much soil do I need? Length x Width x Desired Substrate Height (in inches), Divided by 60 = Liters of soil needed. Made in Japan. Available in 2 colors: Black and Brown. Available in three granule sizes: Normal (5mm), Fine (3mm), and Extra Fine (1mm). Available in three bag sizes: 1L, 3L, and 10L.


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