SunGrow Measure Salinity of Water with Aquarium Refractometer Remarkable Accuracy – Includes Calibration Tool – Ensures Overall Health of Plant and Marine Life – Easy and Clear Reading

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  • ✔ SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED REFRACTOMETER FOR SALTWATER AQUARIUM–The algorithm is made specifically for testing seawater and saltwater. This is different than a standard refractometer which is not calibrated to check salinity of aquarium water and will give an error in your readings.
  • ✔ AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE CALIBRATION — The calibration process should be carried out with both the room and the instrument at 68° F. The refractive index of a liquid changes with temperature. Due to the automatic temperature calibration, any changes in ambient temperature from 50° F- 86° F will not affect the accuracy of the reading.
  • ✔ EASY AND CLEAR READING FOR SALTWATER AQUARIUMS AND REEF TANKS— The refractometer comes with a focus adjustment on the eyepiece, this will give you clarity of the optics and a sharp line for easy reading.
  • ✔ COMES IN A SOLID CASE INCLUDES PIPETTE AND CALIBRATION TOOL — This 7.6 inches refractometer is not only built extremely well, but it comes with a durable hard case for safe and easy storage of the refractometer when not in use. It also includes a calibration tool and a pipette.
  • ✔ KEEP YOUR FISH AND PLANT LIFE IN OPTIMAL HEALTH— Clean, pure saltwater is crucial for the vitality of your marine or reef aquarium. Use this refractometer to measure the salinity of the water, the target level of salinity in a reef tank should be 35 ppt.
This refractometer is the best way to measure salinity and specific gravity of aquarium water. This instrument is very affordable and can be used to monitor the conditions of reef tanks and saltwater aquariums.

How to Use:
Using the pipette that comes with this refractometer, place 1 to 2 drops of aquarium water onto the prism glass and close the plate cover. Once the drop of water are on the surface, the refractometer can accurately measure the light that is refracted through the water droplets. It uses a specific algorithm for measuring seawater. Look through the eyepiece and view the scale. The top part of the scale appears blue and the bottom part appears white. Take your reading at the intersection of these two colors. One side of the scale measures salinity and the other side measures specific gravity.

Perfect Salinity Level for Aquarium:
Usually a stable level of 35 ppt is ideal for most reef tanks and marine aquariums.. In different oceans the salinity will vary from from 5 ppt in the Northern Baltic Sea to 40 ppt in the Northern Red Sea. The level that you keep your aquarium at, should be determined by the type of animals that you keep in the tank. If you only have fish in your saltwater aquarium, you will need to maintain lower salinities, at levels of 29 ppt. This will exert less osmotic stress on your fish. Reef systems on the other hand will thrive with stable levels of 35-36 ppt.

Maintaining your Refractometer:
Ensure that the prism of your refractometer is clean by using a soft damp cloth. Wipe over the prism plate and cover after each use. Failure to clean the refractometer after each use will lead to inaccurate results and will damage the prism coating.

This is an optical instrument that requires careful handling and correct storage. Do not immerse the instrument into any water, and do not expose to any corrosive and abrasive chemicals.


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