SunGrow Aquarium Grass Seeds, 2-Ounce Pack, Aquarium Carpet Plant, Ideal for Beginners and Pros, Glossostigma Salatigasis

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Initially, you can plant the Luffy Glossostigma Salatigasis seeds in a small plant pot. In summer, they will take around 7 days to germinate and in winters 10-15 days. Once your seeds have grown, they can be carefully placed into the substrate of your aquarium.

You can separate the stem into individual plants, and plant them about 1cm apart. Ensure you have sufficient lighting that is not too close to the plants otherwise, they will grow taller and shrivel up. High lighting will ensure the plant spreads out like a carpet over the aquarium floor and Grosso can grow much faster than any other carpeting plant.

Your fish will love swimming around the lush green aquascape and it also serves as a natural food source for the marine life inside your beautiful aquarium. Therefore, give the gift of the virtual sea world to your fish with the 2 oz. Luffy Aquarium Grass Seeds.

Usual maximum size in aquariums: 0.39 – 0.79 inch

Recommended pH range for the species: 5.8 – 7.2

Recommended water hardness (dGH): 4 – 8°N (71.43 – 142.86ppm)

Recommended temperature: 68 – 78.8°F)

Origin (in the wild): Oceania

How fast these plants grow: Fast

Demands on lighting: Bright 2-4 watts per gallon

Ideal placement in a fish tank: Foreground

  • ✔ CREATE A LUSH GREEN CARPET — With proper care, plenty of light and nutrients, Glosso grass will remain short and compact, no more than half an inch high. It will create a beautiful lush green carpet over the floor of your aquarium. Take care to plant in the foreground of the aquarium.
  • ✔ GREAT AQUARIUM PLANT FOR BEGINNERS — When seeds mature, the water grass becomes quite easy to take care of even for beginners. Once it starts growing in your aquarium it’s very easy to prune and trim to ensure it stays fit and at a healthy height. This grass needs 2-4 watts of light per gallon and with the correct high lighting, it will become a beautiful addition to your aquascape.
  • ✔ FAST AND EASY PROPAGATION — Luffy fish tank decoration will send out runners from the mother plant forming a rich green carpet over the substrate. To promote even quicker growth, individual stems can be broken away from the mother plant and planted individually. Highlighting and adding iron to the water will also help your aquatic live plant thrive.
  • ✔ 2OZ PACK OF AQUARIUM GRASS SEEDS — These Glossostigma Salatigasis seeds come in a 2 oz. the pack which can be planted in a plant of soil until they grow to your desired length. They can then be carefully planted in your aquarium substrate, but ensure they are not shaded by other plants and have sufficient light.
  • ✔ LIVE PLANTS CREATE A HEALTHY HABITAT FOR YOUR FISH — By adding this landscape ornament into your tank you are creating a natural mini-ecosystem which will maximize the health of your fish. Live plants produce oxygen and absorb c02 and nitrates from your fish. Plants will also provide your fish with a natural food source with the ability to replenish.

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