SPORN Aquarium Background, Static Cling, Tropical, 24″ x 12″

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  • HIGH DEFINITION IMAGES: With its vibrant colors and detailed HD images, it is sure to create a lifelike effect for your tank. Perfect to create a beautiful display and enhance the appearance of the aquarium.
  • FITS MOST AQUARIUM: It can be adjusted to fit most aquarium sizes. You can quickly cut the sheet according to your tank’s requirement in the desired shape and size. Enhances the ambiance of the tank and keeps it away the clutter.
  • EASY APPLICATION: The static cling design enables hassle-free application. Just remove it from the package; use grid paper backing to cut to size, spray glass with water, apply and squeegee out any air bubbles. No tapes, glue, adhesive or gel needed. We recommend you apply it to two or three sides of the tank for a realistic look.
  • RESIDUE FREE REMOVAL: The cling adheres directly to the aquarium and does not damage the tank upon removal. It won’t leave any scratches, marks or residue when removed.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Made from premium quality material has gone through stringent quality tests. Our product is sure to brighten up your aquarium set up. Just click on the “Add to Cart” button and enjoy a risk-free purchase.

Bring a splash of vibrant colors and stunning themes to your aquarium. If you have a fish habitat or a fish tank you might feel the need to have a beautiful themed background for your fishes. Not only does it adds visual depth to the aquarium but also hides the hoses, cords, tubes, filters and the unwanted stains. It is one of the things that affect the color and behavior of the fish and helps them feel more ease as fishes tend to get stressed by looking at their reflection. Clings support the well being of your pets by adding beauty and excitement to their surrounding environment. You can create a beautiful themed fish tank set up by choosing from our wide range of different themed backgrounds i.e., corals, ruins, tropical, ocean floor and classic black.

Aquatic Creations designers collectively have over 50 years experience with aquarium products used for saltwater fish, freshwater fish, tropical corals, reef systems, and ponds in both home and business environments. Our unique static cling backgrounds will bring years of enjoyment and viewing enhancement to your tank!


1) Enhances the aquarium’s natural beauty
2) May be trimmed to desired shape and size
3) Hassle free application
4) Durable and long lasting
5) Hides water stains


1) Hold background up to the glass where you want to adhere, use grid printed on static cling background removable paper backing to size to your glass dimensions.
2) Use Scissors to cut to dimensions of glass you wanted covered by the Static Cling Background
3) Peel grid paper backing off the cling
4) Spray tank back or sides and the colorful side of the static cling with tap water
5) Apply backdrop to the glass
6) Use business card, or squeegee to smooth out the air bubbles to outsides
7) You have just completed applying your Aquatic Creations Static Cling Aquarium background to your tank!


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