Pleco Wood (2 pc) – Nutritious Treat for Catfish, Loaches & Bottom Feeders – Create Native Habitat – Provide Hiding Space for Fry – Pair of 6″ Cholla Wood – Attractive, Functional Aquarium Decor

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  • ✔ PROVIDE NUTRIENTS ESSENTIAL TO PLECO DIET — Bristlenose and common pleco require a nutritious, well-balanced diet with plenty of fiber for proper digestion. Cholla wood is an excellent source of fiber to help keep your pet fish happy and healthy. By placing a piece of pleco wood in your aquarium, not only will you be providing your pleco with fibrous matter, but you’ll also be creating a space where delicious food can grow for them to eat.
  • ✔ PROVIDE BENEFICIAL TANNINS TO YOUR PLECO — Similar to catappa or indian almond leaves, SunGrow Pleco Wood provides beneficial tannins into your pleco’s aquarium water. As the two cholla wood pieces begin to soften, they release helpful particles that help protect your fish against avoidable malady. Over time, the pleco wood will fully break down and help with your plant growth.
  • ✔ RECREATE PLECO’S NATIVE ENVIRONMENT — In the wild, pleco fish can live in freshwater or brackish waters and highly adaptable to wide ranges of temperature and water quality. Many of the bottom feeders species like the bristlenose plecostomus, zebra loach, corydoras and twig catfish like hiding place and darker spaces to hang out during the day. The two 6″ x 1″ pieces of pleco wood from SunGrow provide just the right cover for your bottom dwelling fish.
  • ✔ ATTRACTIVE, RUSTIC AQUARIUM DECORATION — Aside from all of the practical benefits of the SunGrow Pleco Wood, they also add a rustic beauty to your aquascape. The cholla wood can be placed on its own inside your tank to show off its visually interesting porous structure and soft texture. They can also be used as functional, attractive aquatic plant bases for anubias, java fern and other aquatic mosses.
  • ✔ SUITABLE FOR NUMEROUS SPECIES OF FISH — Although the two SunGrow Cholla Wood pieces are extra special for plecos, bristlenoses, catfish and loaches, they are also highly advantageous to other species of aquatic pets. Hermit crabs love to crawl atop the cholla driftwood while betta fish enjoy swimming through the hollow center. The food that grows on the pleco wood is a great food source for shrimp.
What is cholla wood for pleco?
Despite its name, cholla wood for plecos is actually the dried husk of the cholla cactus. The product that you’ll receive will be smooth with no thorns, sustainable and raw. The pack of pleco wood from SunGrow contains two cholla pieces that are 6″ long and 1″ in diameter with hollow centers. Pleco and other bottom dwelling fish love to hide and forage among the plants and dark spaces of their aquarium. Primarily nocturnal, these fish can grow to be strong enough to uproot most live plants making cholla wood an excellent choice for plecos.

How do you prepare the pleco wood?
When your two pack of SunGrow Pleco Wood arrives, remove it from its packaging and begin to boil water on your stovetop. Place the two cholla wood pieces into the boiling water and let boil for approximately 3-5 minutes. Remove the wood from the water and allow to cool. A post-boil soak in fresh water is a recommended step. Before placing the pleco wood in your aquarium, give them a quick rinse, even after boiling or soaking. When added directly to an aquarium, the pleco wood will float. To sink cholla wood immediately, soak for 24 to 48 hours and it’ll sink to the bottom of the tank.

Why are pleco fish important to an underwater environment?
Hypostomus plecostomus, also called the suckermouth catfish or pleco, are able to withstand a range of temperatures and water quality, making them great tank mates with several different community fish species. Plecos can be very territorial towards other plecos, so it is best to only keep one of these in each tank. They spend most of their time on the bottom of the tank or hanging out on the side of the aquarium. The hardy and adaptable plecos are scavengers and will eat just about anything. They are friendly, good natured and low maintenance – a great species for beginner aquarists.


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