pH Test Kit for Betta Tanks (50 Strips) — pH Paper Strips for Freshwater & Saltwater Aquarium Water – No Assembly Required – Simply Dip & Read – Ensures Optimum pH Levels for Betta, Cichlid & Tetra

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  • ✔ HELP PREVENT DISEASE AND ILLNESS — Unsafe levels of alkaline create invisible water problems that can cause an unhealthy living environment and diseases such as ich, fin rot, and fungal infections. Using the Betta Strips to test your aquarium water on a regular basis can help prevent issues before they become a problem and make your fish sick.
  • ✔ SAVE TIME ON UNNECESSARY WATER CHANGES — There are many reasons why the pH level in your aquarium water may increase or decrease. PH fluctuations can be caused by leftover food, adding tap water, newly added plants and excess fish waste. If you are unsure of any effects, simply test the adjusted water with the convenient test strips instead of changing the whole tank of water for no reason.
  • ✔ NO INSTALLATION OR SETUP REQUIRED — Unlike other testing kits that require tubes and droppers and other tools, the SunGrow pH Test Strips and the box are all you need to test your fish tank water. Simply dip the strip directly into the water, remove and compare the colored sections on the strip to the colored sections on the box. You are able to read the results in seconds.
  • ✔ EFFECTIVE IN FRESHWATER AND SALTWATER — Different species of aquatic pets and fish require different levels of pH in their aquarium water. The set of 100 testing strips from SunGrow work in both freshwater and saltwater tanks so that you can check the levels in your tropical fish tank with one strip and then check the water in your amphibian or reptile terrarium with another test strip.
  • ✔ USEFUL OUTSIDE OF THE FISH TANK — Along with being an essential tool in your home aquarium maintenance kits, the SunGrow pH level testing strips have uses outside of the fish tank as well. Test the levels of all sorts of products such as drinking water, fruit juices, soft drinks, cleaning solutions, urine, soaps and more.
Fast, Easy and Accurate
The pH value is the measurement of how much acidity is in your aquarium water. On a scale of 0 to 14, water is most acidic with a pH of 0 and most alkaline at 14. To quickly and easily find out the accurate pH level of your fish tank water, the SunGrow Betta pH Test Strips are an excellent choice. Take a special test paper strip out of the box and dip it into the top of your aquarium so that the colored sections are fully immersed. Leave in the water for just one second, pull it out and gently shake off any excess water. Wait for 2 seconds and the colored sections will change color to reflect the pH level of the water. There is a color-coded chart on the box with a pH range of 4.5 to 9.0. Compare your test strip to the chart to determine your water’s pH value.

Naturally Maintain Essential pH Levels
Different species of fish require different pH levels to thrive and survive. Betta fish are at their healthiest in an underwater environment with a fairly neutral pH value of between 6.5 and 7.5. If the water becomes too acidic or too alkaline, your Siamese fighting fish will become stressed out, irritable and possibly even fall ill enough to die. A buildup of natural acids, plant decomposition, and fish waste increase the pH levels in your tank. The best way to naturally lower the pH levels is to add SunGrow Catappa Leaves to your aquarium. After adding a few leaves, wait a day and then retest your water with a new test strip. If the water is too acidic, add a couple more leaves and repeat the process.

Be Proactive for Optimum Health
Instead of waiting for problems to arise and then try to fix them, be proactive and prevent potential issues by testing your aquarium water on a regular basis.


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