ONST Artificial Fake Coral Reef for Fish Tank Decorative Aquariums Multiple Styles Decorations(6 pcs)

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  • Artificial Coral is one of aquarium decorations,made of Resin,Environmental protection material
  • No harm to aquarium creature,easy to clean
  • Used to decorate and add vitality to aquariums, fish tanks
  • The aquarium coral can create a beautiful and liveness environment in your fish tank
  • Offers a beautiful decoration for your aquarium, also is an excellent hiding place for fish that adds extra fun to play
Artificial Coral Plant for Fish Tank Decorative Aquarium Reef Ornament,which will add unique landscape for your empty and boring aquarium. Features 1.SPECIAL DESIGN: improve more beautiful look for your aquarium,great for both salt & fresh water.
2.PROVIDE NATURE ENVIRONMENT: Resin coral replicate a natural environment for your fish tank.
3.NO PARASITES: The small coral will not introduce foreign or harmful pests into your aquarium.
4.VIBRANTLY-COLORED: The assorted colored decorative aquarium coral can brighten your aquarium landscape.
5.NO SPECIAL CARE: The mini coral reefs don’t need specialized lighting, fertilizers, nutritious substrates or carbon dioxide.
Weightabout 30g
SizeL2*W1.5*H3 inch(As picture shows),is small, if your fish tank volume is big, can collect more qty
PackageThere are 6 pieces different artificial corals.
Note:Resin material will have a little taste, but will not affect the fish.
After being placed in the tank for a while, there will be dirty on the surface,using brush to clear it and will look like a new one.Application and function:
1.Lying flat on fish tank beach,same as the image 5;
2. Placed on the rockery,same as the image 6,
you can building your own coral rock artwork, can attaching them to resin rock and also built up along
with soft silicone corals. These are great for hiding the seams where you attached the resin rocks and for placing all around
Nice Reminder:
we individually wrapped each coral in bubble wrap and put them in a small box,
which was shipped inside a larger box. Packaging was great and not easy destroy


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