New Quick Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner, Gravel Vacuum for Aquarium and Water Changer, Aquarium Sand Cleaner Kit

23,99 $


  • 🐟ONE THING, THREE USES : Wash Gravel, Dirt Suction, and Change Water, can meet your many needs. Dirt suction: suck fish manure and impurities. Water change: Easy water change in one step. Sand washing: washing sand and gravel, washing off powder particles.

  • 🐠SAFE AND SIMPLE TO USE: no need to use electricity, say goodbye to easy electric shock, can be used in power failure, energy saving and environmental protection, pure manual operation. It can be used easily by pressing six or seven times. Although it is manual operation, it is effortless and no time-consuming.

  • 🐡DESIGN PRINCIPLE: Use the principle of siphon to operate, so when using it, pay attention to that the water inlet is higher than the water outlet container at least 19inchs. The newly upgraded dual airbag, thickening design, resistance to squeeze, strong suction, no need to worry about damage and leakage, can be used for a long time.

  • 🐢HIGH-QUALITY ACCESSORIES: quick assembly in 30 seconds, ready to use. 4 small accessories: extension tube connector, debris vacuum inlet, water flow clamp (to adjust the flow of the water outlet), water hose clamp (to prevent the outlet hose from falling off). Two high-quality extension inlet hard tubes and one 79-inch PVC hose.

  • 🦎WIDELY USED: Suitable for all types of fish tanks. Four basic combinations(excluding handle length). For larger fish tanks, connect 2 tubes. 2 tubes length is 31.4inch. 2 tubes + head accessorie is 34 inch. For small fish tanks, connect 1 tube. 1 tube length is 16inch. 1 tube + head accessorie is 18 inch.


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