LONDAFISH Aquarium Wi-Fi Fish Feeder Automatic Fish Feeders Auto Fish Food Timer Feeder for Fish Tank

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  • Simple operation and installation:Lmanual and automatic and adjustable discharge port and 360 degrees rotation
  • Multiple sets of multiple flexible timing functions,can be automatically fed many times by week and date.
  • WIFI and VOICE CONTROL:You can download app on your phone and remotely control the feeder. Also, it comes with voice control, so that you can easily control the feeder by giving an voice order.
  • Intelligent servo system:It can be continue to work according to the feeding time that set during networking after disconnecting the network
  • Power outage feeding protection:The fish tank filter stops working during a long power outage.If put in the food at this time,it will increase the amount of nitrite in the water,Increase the oxygen consumption of water and accelerate the metabolic failure of fish


– Color: Black

– Material: plastic

– Size: 6 x 6.5 x 14cm

-Clip thickness 3.5cm


-The capacity: 165-170ml

-Use environment:0-40℃  

-Relative humidity less than 90%

-Suitable for pelleted feed,particle feed,flake feed,small strip of feed

– Great for everyday use whether you are Home or Away


Install the software,you can scan the QR Code and download the “iLONDA” APP in Apple Store or Google Play.(We have the Instruction manual in

the package)

2.start the device and after the mobile phone being connected to wifi,open the “iLONDA“APP software

3.Register an account and login in

4.After the feeder being successfully configured to access the network,set in app to use the device in different intellient scenarios.


Please do not manually reverse the storage box.The man-made damage does not belong to the free maintenance within the warranty period.

Why did I set the timer well but te feeder didn’t work?

This situation is due to the users’s vigorously twisting the storage box to cause the transmission gear disengaged.If the transmission device

cannot work normally,you can disassemble the rear cover to press the transmission gear to resume its normal transmission.

Two Fixed Ways:

Spiral fixed

Put the feeder holder intall the main body,sandwiched in the horizontal direction of the fish tank edge,then tighten the movable bolt

Velcro fixed

Remove the clip and attach the velcro to the black body

Package Including

1 x WiFi Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder, 1 x Micro USB cable, 1 x Instruction manual


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