LONDAFISH Aquarium Bubble Light Aquarium Air Stone LED Light Air Pump Bubble Stone Lamp

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  • Airstone for oxygen supply/fish tank aeration, round disc shapes can stay steady at the bottom of your tank, and produce more small air bubbles which would add dissolved oxygen rate, always keep your fish vivid and lively
  • Fish tank air bubble stone made from non-toxic mineral material, with high temperature sintering, safe, durable, washable, it is safe to use in your aquarium. For first time use, we recommend you wash it with tap water and sock it with tank water for 1-2 hours
  • The air bubble light doesn’t generate itself,it need to be used with the air pump(not included),which you can find in our shop
  • Submersible multi-colored LED lights add beauty to your aquarium
  • 30-day money back or replacement warranty, and lifetime support guarantee. (If any question, pls feel free to contact us)


Model:CB-Q9 1W length:105mm diameter:105mm

      CB-Q12 1.2W length:125mm diameter:125mm



1:Connect the air stone to the airline tubing and the airline tubing to the air pump(not included).

2:Use the suction cups to secure the LED fixture to the bottom of aquarium and cover it with gravel.

3:Connect the plug to a GFCI outlet and create a drip loop to prevent water from traveling along the cord and contacting the plug.

Note: this air bubble stone need to work with a air pump, (air pump NOT included,you can easily find and order on Amazon

Safety & friendly

Low voltage design, energy saving with low heat, no harm to baby fishes


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