Instant Ocean Fullrange Hydrometer

9,89 $


  • Quickly, easily, and accurately measure your marine aquarium’s salt level and specific gravity with Instant Ocean Hydrometer
  • Full range scale features easy to read markings with safe zone clearly indicated
  • No-wet-hands-design
Instant Ocean Hydrometer is accurate, reliable water test equipment is absolutely vital to creating and sustaining a healthy, successful marine environment. Easy to read and simple to operate, the Instant Ocean Hydrometer delivers precise full-range salinity and specific gravity readings – accurate to 0.001 – and does it each time, every time.

Product Features
Accurate to 0-001
Durable, Permanent Needle Mount
Easy-Read, 2-Color Scale with Safe Zone
Extra-Wide Stabilizer Base
Easy Fill convenience — NO WET HANDS!


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