Hewnda 2 pounds to Complete Freshwater Planted Aquarium Substrate

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  • The high-level substrate for planting aquariums provides basic nutrition for the plant root structure for long-term successful planting of freshwater aquariums
  • Compared with sand and other sand, more suitable for the growth of most grass roots. Formulated for freshwater planted aquariums, tropical fish, and freshwater dwarf shrimp.
  • Helps clarify and detoxify water. PH value: 7.5. You can adjust the water quality is more suitable for the growth of aquatic plants ideal range.
  • There is no need to wash, please use the original state, if washed with water will lead to muddy mud.
  • Note: This product is aquatic breeding purposes, absolutely not edible; Please store this product properly children can not reach the place, to avoid children eating.
1, the product does not need to wash before use; 2, under normal circumstances, the appropriate aquaculture aquaculture aquaculture soil thickness of about 3-5 cm is appropriate; 3, please flat on the bottom of the tank. Before the low after the high, will make the water features three-dimensional effect; 4, such as the breeding soil is more dry, please fill in the water before the use of watering or other water equipment will be wet, until 10 minutes after the water injection. Water control when the water flow, and the appropriate shelter with equipment, do not directly impact the black soil. The above method can minimize the muddy water phenomenon. After the water can be reusable tools carefully flat bed bed surface; 5, when the grass planted, the local need to keep wet or immersed in water to facilitate the operation; 6, water, the water may be slightly turbid, this is a normal phenomenon. Can be added by adding nitrifying bacteria, in the filter bucket using enough fine filter cotton, the use of activated carbon and other methods to speed up the clarification of water; 7, aquarium water quality and stability, nitrification system is established before the introduction of aquarium organisms; 8, please appropriate, appropriate use of root fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, under normal circumstances, the construction of 2 weeks can not use any fertilizer or nutrient solution, the proposed two weeks after the grass as the situation added; 9, this product is suitable for creating a weak acid water bed environment, not suitable for alkaline water fish and marine aquaculture environment


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