Fish Feeder,Automatic Fish Feeder Battery Operated Aquarium Tank Auto Pet Fish Food Feeder Timer Dispenser For Small Fish,Tropical Fish,Gold Fish

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  • ❤【IDEAL FRO MOST TYPES OF FISH FOOD,FISH TANK AND FISH】Our automatic feeder IS ideal for home fish tanks and aquariums.THE fish feeder can feed VARIOUS kinds of fish foods including flakes, pellets, powders and strips.Besides,The fish food dispenser Can feed most of pet fishes,tropical fishes,betta fishes, turtles, newts and frogs,cricket etc. ATTENTION: Please follow instructions to set up for rotation times per turn, otherwise the best fish feeder won’t work!
  • ❤【STOP MOISTURE FROM SPOILING SAVED FISH FOOD】The aquarium fish feeder comes equipped with a moisture-resistant hopper that guarantees that only fresh food is supplied to your pet. Other highly regarded features of the unit are the integrated fan and ventilation that ensures that the food that is being fed is fresh and the adjustable slider that supplies the owners with the ability to set the portions in accordance with their pets’needs.
  • ❤【Fish are taken care of even when you are enjoying your vacation】The main purpose of the wide opening is to provide food to Roi, turtles, cricket and newts while the half-open entryway is good for feeding fish. The huge drum, which is very transparent, makes it simple for you to observe every feeding. Another beneficial aspect of our auto feeder is that you only need to refill the food supply every couple of weeks and that stock will last.
  • ❤【Minimizing food wastage & Maximizing growth and health of aquatic pets】Fish food feeders are modified to give a specific quantity of pellets, which minimize water quality and waste build-up issues due to food that was left uneaten.The fish tank feeder that enables you to entirely customize/program time and quantity of feeding of your aquarium fish helps in maximizing the health and growth of your aquatic pets.Aquarium feeder is a great option if you want to save yourself some money.
  • ❤【Prevention of overfeeding and underfeeding】The best automatic fish feeder comes with a robust framework that includes an LCD display, and up to four separate feeding times can be scheduled.The automatic feeder for fish can nourish your fish with the right amount of food and at the right time.Most fish tanks have plastic brackets, and the general installation clip of this small automatic fish feeder makes it simple to connect to fish tanks.
Product description:
AUTOMATIC AQUARIUM FISH FEEDER—We often don’t feed our fish in time because of busy work, traveling, friends gathering, etc. Without a regular diet, fish will lose beauty and even affect health.
But our Automatic Fish Feeder can solve this problem perfectly and easily for you. Let you no longer worry about not having time to feed your beloved fish. Now come with me to know Best Automatic Aquarium Fish Feeder.
Whether it’s a fish or a turtle, Fish Feeder can take care of your beloved pet perfectly, let you can concentrate on your work or go out to play.Select our Automatic Fish Feeder, make feeding easier.
HEALTH AND DAMP-PROOF—Every component of the Fish Feeder is made with high-quality, Environmentally friendly, BPA-free plastic. Safe and healthy for your beloved fish. Moisture proof design keeps food dry and fresh at all times. Select Automatic Fish Feeder, provide healthy and fresh food for your fish

✔Easy digital LCD programming for up to a maximum of 4 feedings per day
✔Ideal for terrariums,aquariums and fish tanks,can be used to feed fish turtles newts and frogs
✔The manual discharge button makes it quite possible to supply food to your fish at other periods beside the scheduled times.
✔Easy to set-up and use and also includes the Easy Start Guide
✔Drum will not stop with feed slot in downward position
✔Integrated fan and ventilation system keeps the food dry
✔Adjustable slider allows you to set desired portions
✔It is good for both marine and freshwater fishes
✔Ideal for most types of fish food,cricket and small animals
✔Splash-proof buttons

Automatic aquarium feeder Specification:
automatic aquarium fish feeder capacity: 175ml.
Material: ABS.
Power supply: need 2 x AAA Battery
Size: 16.5*6.5*6.5cm.
Weight: 0.3KG approx.


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