Emours Natural Aquarium Driftwood Tropical Fish Plant Habitat Decor Vary Sizes, 2 Pcs Set (Medium)

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  • Authentic natural wood adds realistic beauty
  • Long lasting in underwater or arid environments
  • Visual variety – no two pieces are alike, different sizes and different looking.length size varies from 15cm-25cm/ 5.9 inch – 10 inch ,width size range from 5 cm-10 cm/ 2 inch – 4 inch
  • You can decoration the landscape, crawler box, aquatic animals habitat or more
  • Note: If you need to put the driftwood into water, before using, soaked the dirfwood in water about 7-15 days to have good underwater effect
It’s natural driftwood,without treatment. Before put it into fish tank ,you should do the following treatment:

1)Wash and clean the driftwood with brush; 2)Boil it in hot water for about 2-3 hours ,to release the tannin, until the water color do not change ; 3)Soak it into normal temperature water , for about 7 days ; 4)Take it out and wash the driftwood 5) Disinfection .Then soak it into potassium hypertonic acid solution for 20 minutes and take it out and wash it in clean water 6) After disinfection, you can put the driftwood aside for 2 days with some water on it. After that, you can take it out and wash it again, then you can use it in the tank decoration. Note: 1)Driftwood can change water PH a bit (It’s Acidic). If the driftwood without pretreatment or the pretreatment is not enough,the water PH change suddenly or water quality change, will cause the fish or shrimp discomfort or die. 2)Be aware that some shrimp may be sensitive to the PH, water quality, you’d better try or check before put it into the tank 3)Driftwood have nutrients,there will be some “white/black” “mold” on them when they’re in water condition for a time, it’s a normal phenomenon, and it’s safe for your aquatic life. You can take it out, wash and clean it with brush , or put some grass shrimp into the fish tank, they will eat them 4)If the driftwood just for decoration in the reptile amphibian tank, use in dry environment, the driftwood can just wash and clean is OK. Driftwood is natural.The size and shape of the wood are not the same. It’s a normal .We’ll selected the driftwood for you. What you get is the one we sell online.


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