Dwarf Hairgrass Live Aquarium Plants Tissue Culture Cup Freshwater Fish Tank Decorations By Greenpro

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– You get 1 tissue cup of live Dwarf Hairgrass
– Cup size of cup is 2.5 inches
– Photos are not actual plants you get but they are some sample of our stock.
– It’s wonderful for aquarium community.
– Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and absorb nutrients from water that are derived from fish waste.
– Your plants are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

How to work with TC plants.
1. Remove plants from packaging.
2. Rinse and wash the gel under clean water.
3. Divide into small portion usually 8+.
4. Plant directly onto your substrate. You may use tweezers to make the process easier as they are small and delicate plants.

For those of you who never tried TC plants from Greenpro, here are some things we would like to say
Tissue Culture plants are not like others. They are grown in high technology lab in sterile process which is free from disease, algae, snails and other pests. They adapt well in vary aquarium conditions meaning that unlike others, TC plant is better adapt to its new growing environment. You will get many plants in a cup. Each cup can be separated into several portions. Shipping and storing advantage, as they come with sterile cup, these cup can be kept for weeks with proper conditions before you need to use. (however the sooner the better) Please feel free to send us the message, we are happy to answer any questions regarding to our products or aquascaping.

  • LIVE AQUARIUM PLANT : Dwarf hair grass, great carpet plants.
  • EASY AND LOW MAINTENANCE REQUIRED : NO need any special maintenance, Perfect for any size of aquarium tank.
  • TISSUE CULTURE : also known as vitro plants. With high quality technology facilities and lastest tissue culture laboratory, TC cup from Greenpro grown with sterile process with special gel to ensure to be free from algae, disease, pest and snail.
  • BEST QUALITY : With our experience, every plants from Greenpro will be professionally inspected, packed and organized with suitable boxes for all weather conditions to make sure that will retain the freshness and healthiness to our customer hands.
  • RINSE! CUT! PLANT! : RINSE them under water and wash out any gel. CUT, divide into small portions. PLANT, ready to grow onto substrate, driftwood, rock etc.

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