CNZ Aquarium Natural River Gravel 5-Pound

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  • Aids in propagation of beneficial bacteria
  • Adds depth and beauty to aquariums, water gardens, ponds and terrariums
  • Made by nature river pebble stone, average size: 3-5mm
  • Safe for use in freshwater and marine environments
  • For optimum results, use 2 lbs. of gravel per every one gallon of water
Beautify your aquarium with CNZ Aquarium Natural River Gravel. Aquarium gravel provides a surface for beneficial bacteria to grow. These bacteria feed on fish waste and help keep your aquarium clean. It might seem counter-intuitive, but you need good bacteria for your aquarium to thrive. These bacteria feed on fish waste cleaning your tank naturally. Consequently, you won’t have to scoop out fish waste as frequently.


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