boxtech Automatic Fish Feeder, Auto Fish Food Timer Feeder-Aquarium Tank Timer Feeder for Fish Tank, Programmable Vocation Fish Food Dispenser

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  • 🐠 Automatic & Timer Feeding:Feed your fish at a scheduled time (once or twice per day), or you can immediately initiate a feeding by pressing “manual” button. When you not at home,don’t need to worry your fish nobody feed.
  • 🐠 Battery Operated Automatic Food Timer: Battery operated Automatic food timer is brand new and its mini unique shape, it has the bracket, can clamp on to any tank, space-saving for your aquarium.(Battery not included)
  • 🐠 Multiple Use: Works with most types of fish food, such as flakes, pellets, powders and strips,fit for fish tank and aquarium, and you can even feed most of pet fishes, turtles, newts and frogs.
  • 🐠 Easy Use: By adjusting the slider, you may increase or decrease the amount of food dispensed per rotation. Easily control the amount of fish food dispensed by yourself.
  • 🐠 Safe CONVENIENT:Safe and convenient automatic feeder is simple to install and operate.
Boxtech Automatic Fish Feeder is the intelligent feeder with manual and automatic feeding function as the ideal device for aquaculture, and is the preferred product for aquarium fans.

1.The product has two fully automatic feeding modes, and user shall select according to the actual requirement.

2.The feeding amount is adjustable, user may select the feeding amount each by adjusting the food discharging outlet switch on the feeding barrel.

3.It has the manual instant feeding function, user may feed manually at any time when the product keeps at ON status, which won’t influence the set automatic feeding time.

1.Mini shape, space-saving for your aquarium.Safe and convenient.
2.Suit for moisture proofing, mixing, and crumbling food.
3.No jam, no clog and no fuss.
4.Programmable food volumes and feeding times.
5.A clear easy-to-read LCD screen which shows all info at a glance.
6.The feeder can be mounted in two ways:horizontal and vertical
7.Simple operation and installation.
8.Easy to set up and use and includes easy start guide, convenient worry-free feeding for healthy fish, automatically feeds your fish while you’re away.

Cauctions on Use:
1.When using the product, please open the food discharging switch on the feeding barrel, adjust the switch to suitable position acoording to the demand to avoid feeding failure.

2.Please put the product in the place without water, moisture and dust.

3.When the battery is used up, please replace the battery for avoiding normal feeding


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