Automatic Fish Feeder Aquarium Tank Timer Feeder Vacation Auto Fish Feeder for Flakes Electric Automatic Turtle/Gold Fish for Weekend or Holiday with 2 Fish Food Dispensers

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  • [Unique Automatic & Timer Feeding] – This automatic fish feeder has 3 different timer setting modes,8h/12h/24h, while competiors only 2; Also there is manual feeding option, pressing manual feeding would not change automatic feeding mode. It makes one instant rotation feeding each time, no need worry overfeed. This fish food vacation feeder feeds turtle, gold fish on vacation or weekend perfectly.
  • [Feed different type of fish foods] – The fish automatic feeder is equipped with adjustable slide on the fish food dispenser box to adjust fish food output. It accommodates most types of food, including pellets, power and crumbles. Suggest not feed large piece flake food, it may lead to jam; Moisture-resistant hopper keeps fish food dry, won’t get wet or jammed.
  • [Fit Different Size Aquarium Tanks] – The pond fish feeder for aquariums can fit both small tank and large tank, it has 3 installations, even the tank has cover, our automatic fish feeder has additional base funnel to feed while competitor does not have such function.
  • [Two types power supply fot the betta vacation feeder] – 1. The auto fish feeder is charged by a 2.4m length USB cable(long enough to connect any socket of your house), or 2*AA battery(NOT included). When both battery installed and USB cable connected at the same time, fish feeders will transform to the USB power supply model automatically. In this case, make sure the fish automatic feeder has been working without stop.
  • [Two size fish food dispensers box]: this vacation fish feeder has two size fish food feeding box, 50ml and 100ml for different fish tanks. Choose the right fish feeder betta box according to needs. To fill 2/3 tube food would be better. All our fish feeders quality is guaranteed, if any problems, we provide a replacement or refund.
Do you still worry about your goldfish/turtle/betta/ pet crayfish suffering from hunger when you are on vacation, holiday, trip?
Our aquarium auto feeder is specially designed for people who are on vacation/trip, no time to take care of their aquarium pets.
With our automatic fish feeder help, you DO NOT NEED to worry any more, and no worry overfeed!!!
Weekend is coming soon, vacation is coming soon, not hesitate to let our aquarium feeder take care of your aquarium pets instead.

Fish automatic feeder specification

Dimension: 4.7″*3.9*3.2″/12*10*8 cm
Three installation methods for the fish feeder vacation:

a. Fix the fish vacation feeder to fish tanks/aquariums edge with clamp and tighten the screws.
b. Separate both sides of velcro, then paste one side on the bottom of auto fish feeder and another side of fishing feeder on the tank cover, then fish food will drop down during rotation.
c. Add the fish auto feeder base with hopper on the aquarium top directly, the fish food will fall down from the hopper.

Fish food feeder timer mode setting:

“8” means feed one time every 8 hours, can feed 3 times a day.
“12” feed one time every 12 hours, feed twice a day.
“24” feed one time every 24, feed only 1 time a day.
“☝” manual button, press it, the tropical fish feeder will run immediately; When you already choose 8/12/24 mode, press manual button not effect auto mode.The fish feeder only make one instant rotation, not lead to overfeed!

Fish feeders for aquariums Package Includes:

1 x Automatic fish feeder
1 x Velcro for fish feeder automatic installation
2 x Fish food dispensers
1 x Automatic tropical fish feeder User manual
1 x USB Cable


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