Aqueon Aquarium AAG29024 Versa Top, 24-Inch

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  • Glass tops reduce evaporation from aquarium
  • Keep jumping fish inside the aquarium with full length feeding door
  • For use with light fixtures and strip lights
  • Glass top hinge has clear strip that can be cut to custom fit around accessories
  • Aqueon products ONLY work with other Aqueon products
High quality glass aquarium tops for light fixtures, strip lights and full hoods Keeps fish and water in your aquarium where they belong. Aqueon Versa-Top Hinged Glass Aquarium Top, 24-Inch (23 3/16″ X 9 1/ 2″ W/ VINYL STRIP 11″) are perfect for reducing evaporation and keeping fish from jumping out of your aquarium. Features a clear vinyl back strip that can be easily cut to custom fit your accessories. Choose according to size. Crucial to keeping fish contained and keeping evaporation to a minimum. Full-length feeding door gives access to the aquarium for feeding, cleaning and other maintenance. Warning: Aqueon products ONLY work with other Aqueon products


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